Monday, March 14, 2011

Lent: Day Five of the Journey

Showing off my ash!

Although I observed Lent last year by giving up meat, not attending a liturgical church left me feeling a bit disconnected from other Christians who also practice fasting, prayer and almsgiving at this time of year.

But it's 2011, and things are different. I've been attending an Anglican church since the fall, so I feel more part of a community. Some things I want to share:

  • I got ashes last Wednesday, my first time ever doing so. As the picture above shows, I was really excited, lol. It also left me pondering how brief life is, and the fragility of life in itself.
  • I have given up my personal Facebook page- which seems to be boggling the minds of many "friends". I've received various texts and tweets lamenting my absence (aww, you guys, you miss me???!!!). This is a very good thing since I found myself checking my page a good... um, oh, let's say, twenty times a day. Now, I have been updating my FAR fan page and my work (you know, the job that actually pays, this blog's Google ads aside) page, too, but these visits are pretty short since I use a dummy account to do the admin work and don't have friends. But don't feel sad, I'll return at Easter most likely. Meanwhile, I've found myself having no problem sticking to my devotionals and praying a lot more.
  • My friend Clarissa was in a very serious car accident yesterday on her way home from church. Her SUV even flipped twice and the fire department had to come and cut her out. By the grace of God, she is fine as are the passengers in the other car that hit her. I'm still asking everyone to pray for her as she is really sore and experiencing some pain.
  • Since one of the major tenets of Lent is giving, I'm asking anyone who can to consider donating to the Red Cross to help the victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. Even five dollars can help a lot.
  • I read this comment in the combox of "Catholic & Enjoying It" in a post on confession, and it moved me so much, I started crying. I wanted to share it with you. Reader Temporarily Anonymous wrote:
"I once went to confession and I don't remember now exactly what sins I confessed, but one of them was about doubting God's existence, and this priest asked some keen questions and got it out of me that I had been sexually abused by an immediate relative in childhood.

I said I just wanted it all to go away.

He said, "I have something important to tell you. Your wounds are never going to go away."

He paused, and his words plummeted to the base of my stomach. He continued gently, "When Jesus was resurrected, he still had his wounds in his hands, feet, side, head. He has them right now. But the wounds no longer bleed. They no longer hurt him."

"His wounds are part of his glory."

Okay, got anything you want to share? Please do! Tell me how your Lent is going.


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