Thursday, March 10, 2011

Like A Virgin?

Woweee.... found this crazy story on a blog on MSNBC:

"Despite the gradual liberalization of attitudes towards pre-marital sex in China, as well as rampant prostitution and Internet pornography – a woman’s virginity is still highly valued by many men here, especially in rural areas.
So what’s a girl trying to disguise her past sexual experience to do?

Pretend to be a virgin.

Search the words “artificial hymen” on Google in Chinese, and you’ll get seven million results. Search “Joan of Arc Red,” and you’ll get over a million results – it’s the biggest selling brand in China’s growing fake hymen market...

A young woman looking for a solution to her awkward problem can simply log onto the website and pay $18.40 for two fake hymens nicely packed in a wooden box.  For $14.40, the same products come simply wrapped in a paper box...

“After you put this into the vagina, it’ll dissolve and expand. Have sex in about 20 to 30 minutes, and you’ll ‘bleed’,” explains the instructions.  “A better effect will be reached if you appear to be shy and in pain.”

Joan of Arc Red??? Wow, I'm at a loss for words over this. 


RisinPhoenix23 said...

Ew. That's just wrong. =[

Joseph Flemming said...

Ucmu wow... What will they think of next?

Cyruswoman said...

This is nothing new, just not very talked about. I have one question. Why is a woman's value still attached to the intactness of her hymen which in this age can be tampered with by use of tampons, horse riding etc. Did you know a small but sizeable number of women are born without any hymen at all? (Research proven)

Angie said...

Wow! This is interesting. But...not all virgins bleed. Actually I know someone who was abstinent for 4 years after her husband passed. She bled after not having sex all those years. It's like she had to be "broke-in" all over again! me the pain is not worth the wait.

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