Friday, March 25, 2011

Wanna Strip for Jesus? Or is Jesus Your 'Baby Daddy'?

(Photo: Flickriver)

Twice in less than a day, I have been thrown by seeing my Lord's name used in gain- for money and notoriety. In fact, just writing the title above left me sighing. While I have no problem referring to myself as a b****, connecting lap dances and the cross is way too far for me.

But not for everyone. From the NY Daily News:

"Women in Texas aren't pole-dancing for tips.  They're pole-dancing for Jesus.

In a dance studio in the town of Spring, outside of Houston, women are taking on the now-popular fitness trend of stripper aerobics – but instead of moving to a pulsing beat, they're grinding along to Christian music.

"Pole Fitness for Jesus" was the brainchild of Crystal Deans, the owner and class instructor at of Best Shape of Your Life.

Deans, a former "dancer," told MyFox in Houston that she quit the pole-dancing business years ago.

"It's not something I felt very rewarded with … I decided I didn't want to do any more, so I decided to take the part that I liked about that and bring it here," she said.

She said her goal is to teach fellow female churchgoers how to get fit, work their legs and core and to make a connection with God.  The goal is not to teach women to be strippers.

"We do the upbeat contemporary Christian music because people have to bring their church program to get into the class, so we basically are just continuing the whole worship thing here," she said."

To read the whole silly story, click here. My problem with this is not based on prudery. I tell my friends that we should be up to drop it like it's hot for our hubbies (which sometimes shocks them since I was the resident virgin until I married K). I personally don't think a striptease for your husband is bad; in fact, seems like a way to break routine. But stripping for JESUS? Huh? Ms. Deans might have great intentions in trying to get women off the pews and into the gym, especially in light of a recent study which showed the faithful are more prone to wind up overweight in middle age. But combining stripping with Jesus seems like a cheap sales trick to grab attention and money. Judas sold out Christ for 30 piece of silver, but nowadays, a few news stories and camera time is enough for His followers.

Then I stumbled upon the above shirt, in the "Blasphemy" section of One Horse Shy, which at least openly admits to "pandering[ing] to everyone". In what I can only guess is a gross amalgamation of the "Jesus is my boyfriend" movement and the "Jesus is my Homeboy" t-shirt trend that was popular circa 2003-2004 (I know this because I... alas, rocked a pink "Homeboy" tee proudly... leave me alone, I was 22!).

One Horse Shy proudly states in the description of the 100% cotton shirt, available in a range of styles and colors: "There's no such thing as loving Jesus too much, don't let anyone tell you different. Jesus loves you & you love Jesus back, no matter how inappropriate that love may be. Jesus is my babydaddy!" 

Uh yeah, inappropriate does not come close to describing that mess.


thecyruswoman said...

this is when u wish God would send lightnign instantly, isnt it?

Alisha De Freitas said...


RisingPhoenix23 said...

I get what the woman who created this program was trying to do, but pole dancing to Christian music is just strange. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with exercising through pole dancing. It could make a woman feel sexy, strong, and fit, and she could definitely show it off to her hubby.
However, here's what I thought when reading about this. Imagine you're getting a great work out on your pole. You're feeling sexy, and using a stripper workout for the sake of working out, not begging for money, while listening to some great Hillsong (that's probably the weirdest hypothetical I've ever thought of). Then one day, imagine you're driving and you hear that same Hillsong song come on the radio. Your mind isn't going to flash to worshiping Jesus, it's going to flash back to when you kept that song playing while you were on your pole. You have now muddled the worship with the feeling you get when working out.
It just registered as weird to me along with probably anyone else who reads this story.
To TheCyrusWoman, Bring on the lighting! =P

Alisha De Freitas said...


Hillsong + stripper pole= FAIL. He he he.

Yeah, so I get it, too. But it's lame from a secular perspective because it's like sticking a shiny "Jesus saves" bumper sticker on anything just to make a dollar. If I attach a Jesus fish to my car, does that make it Christian? And why can I not just enjoy driving my car without HAVING to bring the Lord into it? Now, I have no problem with the Jesus fish (I had one on the old Hyundai I drove for years), I just hate the commercialization of all things Christian. Or in this case, something non-Christian is repackaged as being Christian and turns out to just be weird. Like imagine if you start singing that Hillsong number at church... there you are, arms up stretched in worship, eyes closed... and then, the mental jump you mentioned above. Eh... double FAIL.

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