Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Man With the Mani: Should Straight Dudes Wear Nail Polish?

Singer Seal with nail polish. (Photo Credit)

I was just over on Coco & Creme and saw this story about the trend of straight, metrosexual guys wearing polish on their fingers and toes:

"Traditionally, lacquered nails were considered a female beauty regimen, but over the years more and more men have exposed their love for nail polish to the world. Whether worn on their fingernails or toenails, straight men in Hollywood have been embracing the trend. Seal, music artist and spouse to Heidi Klum, and Mehcad Brooks, male model, have been spotted wearing nail polish. Is the trend too controversial, or is it only a matter of time before we see more men rocking colored manicures?

I will admit when I first saw a straight male friend of mine wearing nail polish I gave him the side-eye. This was the same side-eye my mother gave my male peers when she discovered they were wearing earrings in both ears. In the past, we have seen this same controversy raised about other trends that were considered strictly for women. For instance, ear piercings, long hair, and skinny jeans worn by men were considered too feminine, and to some, a sign of homosexuality."

Quite personally, I'm glad K does not have the slightest interest in ever wearing any kind of makeup. Pretty boys might be cute, but beautiful men are not, IMO. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

No, this is not okay. Can men not be men anymore?! They need to go dig their fingernails into some mud... it'll be good for them.

Guy Polish said...

Why the double standard. It's ok for a women to like typically man things, but not the other way around. People should do what they enjoy if it doesn't harm anyone else. You may not like it and that's ok. Can't I like getting greasy working on my car and have color on my toes. Why should they be mutually exclusive?

BDP said...

Wow, I had no idea I could get a shot of testosterone from mud. Awesome!! What a load of stuff and malarky. LOL Nail polish, on it's own, does not make a man girly, any more than pants, tattoos, voting or driving makes a female masculine. You are what you are. It will not make you grow breasts, nor is it magic "gay sauce". It IS a non-permanent way to express or adorn yourself, like tattoos, but removable and painless. I like it, my wife of 21 years likes it, it protects my nails and I like the way it looks. It may take some time, but at some point, it will be as accepted as long hair and earrings.

There are four companies I'm aware of that are marketing nail polish for guys: BB Couture, ManGlaze, Evolution Man and Alpha Nail. There are currently 313 million people in the United States with the split being about 50/50 male/female. The cosmetics industry is leaving a lot of money on the table by not trying to sell nail products to over 150 million males. It is a huge untapped market with only social stereotypes keeping them from increasing their revenue.

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