Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Posing Naked While Pregnant

Since, maybe my fourth month, I've been questioned repeatedly about when I would be taking the now requisite professional baby belly bump pictures. I kept saying I think my third trimester would be best, and a good representation of my true expectant-mom state.

But after seeing some rather revealing spreads of Mariah Carey lately, I'm reconsidering.

(Photo: Popeater)

I thought the first pic of her painted tummy with a butterfly was actually cute. She's not the first to use an expanding belly as a canvas, and she certainly won't be the last. I've seen shows where women have gone and had a cast made and painted, and then proudly hang it along with pictures and other mementos of their pregnancy. It's not for everyone, but it definitely has a market out there.

(Photo: Life & Style)
Then MC left the tweeting behind and got professional with a covershoot for tabloid Life & Style Weekly. A naked covershoot. Even though her hair covers her breasts, we are still seeing a whole lot of Mariah, which is saying a lot given the songstress' preference for wearing dresses straight from the tween section of Justice. We even get to see that black line thingy that appears during pregnancy which I personally don't understand, even after consulting with a book and a website on pregnancy. All I know is I have it and it looks really weird.

Anyway, today I caught sight of Mrs. Cannon's latest picture, and she has brought the mister along to perform the work of a bra  (maybe her hair was tired?). Now, I don't find the pregnant female form offensive in the least bit (well, maybe just a bit when it comes to my form), but this is a bit much, even for me. So I was curious... what do you think? Is this picture sweet as "Honey" or making you recall the words of the late Biggie Smalls, as in "Mariah Scary"? Do you think pregnant ladies should keep their bellies ensconced in Motherhood gear at all times? Or maybe just keep the photos to the family album?


RisingPhoenix23 said...

I've always found pictures of a pregnant woman to be so beautiful, but what Mariah did was completely tasteless. I understand a husband and wife wanting to be close to one another, but in an intimate style, not one meant plastered across tabloids.
When I say intimate style, I mean like the ones you would see in the photography books where they are done with style. I love to see the pictures that are artistic, like the ones in black and white where you can see the intention on the mother's face (and sometimes father's face) of being purely happy about bringing a new little one into the world.
Get yourself some pictures, girl, and keep them for you or for something where the intent is not to make people gasp, but rather make them recognize the beauty God made in the form of a pregnant mother.
Your pregnant shape is beautiful, regardless of how you may feel about you. Get yourself some pictures, just don't plaster them on a tabloid with that creepy glimmer in the eye that says "wink wink" for the mommies and kiddies waiting in line to pay for their groceries.

Alisha De Freitas said...

@Rising, "...that creepy glimmer in the eye that says "wink wink" for the mommies and kiddies waiting in line to pay for their groceries."

Hahahaha!! The middle picture is cute to me. The last one is just too much. It mixes that famous Janet Jackson album cover from the 90's (where her hubby was holding her naked breasts)with Demi Moore's famous pregnancy photos from the early 90's and winds up failing to recapture the artistry of either.

K has been taking plenty of pictures of me, and we actually do plan to take some tasteful ones, like what April & Gary did (insider info). But we will be clothed, lol.

Nancy said...

I think you know me well enough to know that I am a little old fashioned, but I do love those pregnancy portraits. I have seen some, though, on some of my daughters' friends FB accounts that were extremely intimate to be so public. I wish I had that type of portrait done when I was pregnant (I loved being pregnant), but I would think I would be more careful about with whom the pictures were shared. I hope you do it; this is such a beautiful time in your life and you will be so happy you had the portraits to commemorate it.

Nylse said...

i think pregnancy portraits should be for personal viewing only.

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