Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pretty & Powerful Kicks

An oil painting I did last year... even then, I guess I was expecting to expect...

I'm getting big as a result of my Z's steady growth. My belly sticks out a lot now- in fact, it seems I'm rapidly becoming all belly. From behind, I look pretty much like regular old Li. But I turn sideways, and my profile is like a camel.

It's been hard to feel pretty lately. I know why my body is changing, but I still find myself shocked by my appearance. It's funny how in the weeks before I found out I was pregnant, I felt "fat". Ha. I wish I could go back and smack November me in the face and then her pull up to see April Li. 

But imagining smacking myself silly is not healthy and does not help me feel prettier now (it certainly would not help a November me feel so great, either). But imagination is not a bad thing to put to use, so instead, I've been thinking about Z. How Z kicks constantly. I don't know if our little One is doing the moonwalk or playing soccer in there, but pretty much every day, throughout the day, I feel movement. Usually rapid taps, sometimes a lone jab. But Z's squiggles are constant. So I imagine Z in there getting plenty of exercise, practicing for when he or she will toddle on chubby legs across the living room. Or run for base during a game of tag. Or maybe glide across a court, going for a lay-up. Or triumphantly walking across a stage getting a diploma...

And that little excursion into fantasy does the trick. I'm holding my head up a little higher. Z kicked me right into pretty. :-)


Gujjari said...

This is the time, only mothers can feel, enjoy, and experience ...

Even God doesn't have the chance of these moments.

I am following your blog from now.

Stop at my blog and if you like follow my blog.

With Warm Regards.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Hi Gujjari,

Thanks for commenting! These are definitely amazing experiences for little miracles. I thank God for them. I will definitely check out your blog! :-)

Don said...

I always got a kick out of feeling the mom's stomach, awaiting movements and rubbing her tummy while talking to the unborn.

Childbirth [its creation] is amazing.

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