Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Bells Across The World (Except in my House)

So Wills and Kate have married, the future King & Queen of England. And despite the nonstop coverage for months on this side of the pond, I purposefully skipped the event itself. I was up at 6AM and could have easily flipped on the TV, but instead, I went to take my shower (where I got the crap scared out of me by some type of scary bug with a million legs that darted from behind the toilet to the sink in half a second... I hauled my pregnant self out of there so quickly while yelling that K came scrambling from bed alarmed... and then saved me by flushing the bug down the drain... my Prince!).

But why the ambivalence? I should say I've casually watched the royals my whole life. As a girl, I loved seeing clips from William's parents wedding, which took place the year before I was born. I felt an affinity to William since he was born just four months after me, and his younger brother Harry was born in 1984, like my younger sister. I always thought Diana was beautiful, stunning and charming. When I learned of her passing in 1997, I cried, right along with my mother, who had watched her admiringly since her lavish wedding to Prince Charles. And I'll admit, I've always found William to be very cute, making my short list of hot blonde dudes along with Brad Pitt, Chad Michael Murray and Matthew McConaghey. With all that history, I figured I'd be glued in to watch the dashing Prince wed his beautiful college sweetheart. Instead, I enjoyed a quiet morning before work with my Knight who did his own mad dash. So what gives?

I could say it's partly because of my growing ambivalence towards pop culture, which might be a problem in the future for posts on this blog, which is supposed to be a mix of the secular and sacred. Part of it might be all those dang wedding themed shows on cable these days: crazy brides, million dollar weddings, and saying "yes" to the dress have turned me off. But another theory is what Red Cardigan posted on her blog about the royal wedding, namely, it's lack of climax. Red makes note of the fact the newlyweds have been living together for awhile. And yeah, while that's become the norm, it does take away a lot of the "wow" for the actual wedding. Why? Well, since they've been together for years, their marriage isn't exactly a surprise. It was more expected. And since they already have their house set up, what fun is there in buying houseware (and yeah, I totally know they're rich and don't need a thing, lol)? We've seen them dressed up together, going to church as a couple, even tabloid photos of them away vacationing are spread across the internet. To be honest, I kind of already feel like there's not much to this wedding/reception/honeymoon that we haven't already seen. Red is on to something when she writes that "Romance Requires Mystery". For me, the mystery is long gone.

Please don't think I'm not happy for them, though. I'm actually very excited. Another thing Wills and I have in common is watching our parents go through messy divorces, and I pray our marriages will be very successful. I also hope Kate's gorgeous gown will inspire a number of U.S. brides to ditch the skanky masquerading as sexy dresses for more classic looks.

May God save the future King, Queen and marriage as a whole.

Did you watch the wedding? Share your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that she should be wearing white if they were already living together. White is only supposed to be for virgins who get married.

I admire you for not wasting your time watching an expensive display of narcissism, and I admire K for killing the bug. That's a lot better marriage behavior than living together. And when the royal couple cohabitates, it sends the wrong signal to young people.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Wintery, I think the wearing white/ virginity connection has long since been broken. In fact, I think there is probably a large amount of young people who don't even know that traditionally that's what wearing white meant.

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