Monday, May 23, 2011

A Quick Hair Rant...

The beautiful Esperanza Spalding. (Photo Source)

So I've been natural for over a year now, and have worked to accept my hair- with all it's waves, kinks, curls, and yes, naps. Coming from a girl who use to HATE poofiness, I'm proud of my progression.

But then I have days like today where people go out of their way to praise my hair when the fro is flattened. Out of laziness, my usual poof has been brushed back put into a bun (this is always my default hairstyle and has been since childhood). I really need to wash my hair, but instead, I've turned to old faithful, lol. So the last few days, I've looked like this:

 Not bad. But what's bothering me is how the same co-workers who have made it clear that my natural hair is a FAIL had to let me know how GREAT my hair looked like this. One said, "See, you have *good hair*." I hate that term. She should've just said, "Thank God you slapped some gel in that bird's nest of yours! NOW you look acceptable again!"

It's not that I hate wearing my hair back. Like I said, it's been my easy, go-to style for decades. And it's not that I need constant approval on my hairstyles (if I did, I would never have transitioned, lol). It's just I wonder if people will ever see the beauty in a full head of healthy highly textured hair, like Esperanza's. Or mine.

Me (and Z) on Mother's Day with my usual, thick afro.


socialitedreams said...

i see it! think you look better with it "out" :)


Alisha De Freitas said...

Thanks, Vonnie. I was hoping I didn't come off jerky in this post, but I really hope people- especially those I have to spend so much time with- can get it through their thick skulls that it's MY hair and I should not have to be critiqued on a regular basis based on their standards of "good" versus "bad". It's already bad enough that I have to hear about how huge I am pregnant (Uh, duh... I've got a baby in there!)

Thanks for commenting, love your blog, btw!

Keiron said...

I know you may think its PC but I like them both: slinky and poofy.

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