Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Music Malaise: It's Murder & Monsters from the Roc

Over on For Harriet,  they're asking the question if we are taking music videos too seriously. This is in response to the recent brouhaha over singer Rihanna's latest video, "Man Down", which depicts the singer enacting revenge on the man who raped her by shooting him dead.

The For Harriet story also mentions Kanye's final edition of "Monster" which was just released: 

A rough cut of the video leaked months ago and prompted widespread debate about the inherent misogyny of the male rappers cooly performing around hanging, lifeless female bodies while rapper Nicki Minaj crawls on the floor. Sexism is nothing new to hip hop audiences, but the unfamiliarity of seeing eager booty-shaking video models replaced with corpses felt particularly unnerving.

It's the sprawled out corpses that do it for me. With full warning, below is the video. It is full of cursing, violent themes, and the aforementioned corpses. *NOT WORK OR KID SAFE*


Um... wow. Kind of like watching crime and medical exam scenes from "Law & Order" and "CSI" spliced together to rap music.

So are we taking videos too seriously? I don't know... maybe we should be asking why Roc artists are so fixated on depicting murder, violence and death in their videos...


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