Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Millenialist

Oh my little Zoe. She punches when she doesn't get her bottle immediately. Laughs when she sees me when she first awakes. Is at total peace resting on her Daddy's shoulder. Keeps me so busy I sometimes struggle to fit in a shower, let alone blog (she's currently napping, but sadly, at nearly 2:30 in the afternoon, I still haven't showered (yeah, I know... fail).

And I feel bad. So, while I try to figure out how to make some type of workable schedule so I can manage to write a decent original post, I'm going to shine a light on blogs, articles and videos I like so much I want to share.

First up, my buddy David Hubbard (he guested on FAR here) has finally started his own blog, The Millenialist. He writes:

"...I promise that every passage, poem, or quotation I post will come straight from a book that has directly influenced my life. Our texts will range from the 20th century Nobel lauretes to Sufi poets to Greek philosophers, verses from the Bible, the Dharma, the Tao te Ching, and the list goes on. Like all of art, poetry, music, and literature, The Millenialist is nothing more than an attempt at capturing transcendental themes that illuminate (and punctuate) our human experience. I may offer my own brief and woefully unscholared exposition from time to time. And if that doesn’t work, well, I’ll just resort to taking humorous potshots at just about everything. But we won’t go overboard. (If it can be helped).

... The Millennialist, is completely new concept of mine derived from the peculiar worldview of a Millennial. (I have not checked Google to see if the word Millennialist actually exists. And everyone knows nothing exists until Google says it does.) A Millennial is any person who came of age in the post 9/11 period of radical uncertainty. I have volumes to say on this subject that we’ll get to, I promise. But in brief snapshot, Millennials have witnessed drastic changes for one lifetime, the sudden and violent death of the 20th century and the chaotic birth of the new millennium. In speaking with other Millennials, I suspect there are profound shifts in our views of the world that only historians will appreciate long after we’ve left our mark. Which is to say our historical resume is far from finished. The creation and advancement of the most powerful medium in the history of mankind to date, social networking, was just our opening act. But again, more on that later."

David has a passion for literature, classical music and chess (woot woot! go Gen Y!), and I'm looking forward to his future posts! Check it out! And yes, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and The Greatest Gen are all welcome, too!


Don said...

You always did have a way of finding some of the best and most influential reads online. I commend. Your readers are sure to find something unique and very stimulating on your site. Just from the above passage I am already looking for to reading David's readings and writings.

Once again, congratulations to you, K, friends and family on the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Yes, I found you! Thank you (again) for the congratulations.

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