Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TRUTH Chose Her...

... and now, she is sharing the TRUTH! My good friend and Natural Hair Feature Candace has just begun hosting a Christian radio show based in Miami. She wrote:

"I just wanted to share with all of you an open door the Lord has given me to do an internet radio show. It's on an urban radio station down here in Miami. The show will be called "Truth Chose Me" (the same as my youtube channel) and it's basically a forum type of show that provides an avenue for the listeners, the guests and myself to have candid discussions about life and spirituality with an aim to receive edification, encouragement, understanding, wisdom and TRUTH.

I am EXCITED about the persons that the Lord may be able to reach and the ability to provide an atmosphere that is not driven by religious and traditional legalism and bigotry but with a sincerity to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit through questions and sharing our experiences and testimonies.

... I want to be able to reach those out there who need direction and don't necessarily go to church (or feel comfortable to do so) and by God's grace, me along with you can help encourage them and spark a desire in them to seek out truth.

Below is the link. Feel free to share and PLEASE KEEP ME IN PRAYER! I'm a little nervous but I'm willing to walk through this door to help shine the light of God into dark places. God bless you all!"

Her first show was on Monday at 8 P.M. (Eastern time) on the topic, "The Reality of God: Is He Real to You?". It went grreat! You can listen in next week online by clicking here. In the meantime, check out her YouTube Channel or her Facebook page.


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