Wednesday, November 2, 2011

iDef: We Bit the Apple

For the past month, it's been return of the Mac around the DeFreitas home. My Compu-tech hubby is still "officially" a PC guy, but I know deep down, there is a battle raging, and Jobs is beating the pants off Gates in an epic, mental e-war.

I know this is true by his reaction when we stopped in to the Apple Store last month. His eyes were ablaze by the glow of the gadgets, laid out on clean-lined, maple tables.

The decor, sparsely modern. His face, hardly able to hide the fascination. And I stood by his side, the Eve who had lured him to this tree of temptation, cheesing from ear to ear. I was even more amazed.

Zoe was there, too, strapped in her little baby backpack, little mouth agape, staring at the bright lights in the ceiling. Those, and her Daddy's chin. Of course, there's not too much she can actually see, riding around like that.

Our ilove continues daily. Just this morning, I read about Hermain Cain and Kim Kardashian on my iPad (look, there's like not much else out there to read about today, apparently... charges of sexual harrasment against a presidential candidate and a celebutante's dead marriage... um, media, this is kind of par for the course. 24/7 news coverage on these two stories is totally unnecessary. And boring.). Over the weekend, I listened to Janelle Monae streaming on my iTunes. K is currently reading Steve Jobs' biography. And at naptime yesterday, Zoe was blissfully unaware of being watched by Steve, although many others are.

So, from our home to yours, enjoy the following ifun, and have a golden delicious day!

Check out this totally hilarious blog, Watched by Steve, which is weird. And creepy. But mostly hilarious.

Read "Steve, Myself And i: The Big Story of a Little Prefix" on NPR which discusses that all important and spellcheck-red squiggly line causing, lower case "i".


Or pull up a chair at the Brainiac Bar next to Lisa at the Mapple Store at the Springfield Mall. 


Keiron said...

I do have to admit, Apple has done a excellent job in being proactive towards technology. It is very hard to deny the aesthetics of both the store and the products.
I love this article! I-KDEF...

Alisha De Freitas said...

I heart I-KDEF! I'm pretty sure my enchantment with Apple is based in the sleek aesthetics and extreme ease of usability. Think about it: this end user never had to click a giant paper clip or e-puppy to fetch help. And that's pretty freaking awesome.

Keiron said...

You are right. Microsoft builds products without the end user in mind it seems. Why would I click on a paper clip to ask for help? I rather just Ask Jeeves ....

Alisha De Freitas said...

"Why would I click on a paper clip to ask for help? I rather just Ask Jeeves ...."


Also, burn CDs, download Napster, play Snake on your Nokia and listen to Nelly- the rapper, not Furtado, but she better watch it, too.

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