Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Obligatory Kim Kardashian Post

As even those living under a rock now know, Kim and Kris have split. The interwebs are all a twitter. Twitter is now all a twitter.

So much has been said and written, and then wriiten about what has been said, that I don't have much to add. Not much. Just a little.

First, whether she made a windfall for tying the knot on E! contributes to my head shake, but is not the cause of it. After all, she is paid nicely for opening up her life to the world anyway. We've learned, with heavy doses of editing, about her sadness over the leaked sex tape, her annoyance with big sis Kourtney's baby daddy, and even how she battles cellulite. Her life is an open book. No, that's not right. It's an open Life & Style Weekly.

Second, whether she donates money and/or her wedding gifts to charity is none of my business. I didn't attend or buy the newlysplits a thing, so it doesn't bother me one way or the other.

Finally, what does bother me is the way marriage has once again, taken a beating at the manicured hands of a celebrity. Kris- Kim's mommy, not her soon-to-be ex- made the morning "news" show rounds a couple of hours ago (who am I kidding, there's a three hour time difference on the West Coast, so she's probably blabbing away about the divorce and her new book right now for those in the Central Zone)- kept repeating that her daughter is not the first to get a divorce or will she be the last. This is true. There have been thousands of filings across the country in the two days since Ms.K filed hers, but they'll remain in the shadows of this glittery split.

This doesn't change the fact that divorce is not what God intends for matrimony. Sadly, an increasing number of people have seen this flippancy regarding marriage as evidence that it has nothing to do with God whatsoever. In Good's "Marriage Isn't Sacred", Cord Jefferson opines: "In retrospect, the Kim-Kris union appears to have been less a consecration of love and more an elaborate moneymaking scheme, a lucrative sideshow pawned off to suckers as true love. Now that it's all officially over, let's let Kardashian's loss serve as a lesson gained: Marriage isn't sacred.

...  In 2004, when Britney Spears married her friend, Jason Allen Alexander, for 55 hours, her record label later released a statement claiming that the whole thing had been "a joke." Neither Spears nor her momentary husband were persecuted or prosecuted for treating a wedding, something that's supposed to be sanctified, like some sort of carnival ride. 

... Marriage is a tax shelter and a smart way for a couple to combine assets. Love is the thing that's sacrosanct..." 

I agree that love, in it's truest form, is holy. After all, God is Love. But his argument empties marriage, which isn't just a contract for tax purposes, but a covenant, of not just sacredness, but tragically,of even a lasting purpose. Love, on the other hand, is extolled as holy, yet he offers up no definition of what love actually is. So no one should knock Kim then, when she claims she married for love. Because, then, she was only acting on holiness, right?

 I know that aq growing number of people in my generation aren't feeling the whole marriage thing (except for Bridezillas and many Gay folks), but some are and have allowed us a peek into their lives. If you haven't done so, please check out my series "Two Become One" to see their stories. And if you'd like to contribute, email me at


SLC said...

I never read anything about the current crop of Hollywood's tabloid elites, but I trusted you would have something interesting to say. I'll be sharing this on twitter and FB. The lack of salaciousness may disappoint some, but for those who still believe in the sanctity of marriage this is a must read.


Alisha De Freitas said...

Hey SLC, I appreciate the kind words and the share. So much has been said, I really didnt have any juicy tidbits to share. Just a reminder that this is far from what marriage is actually supposed to be. Sad.

Keiron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiron said...

I hope I don't sound to frivolous but their engagement lasted longer than their marriage.

Alisha De Freitas said...

here's no way you can sound frivolous in a post about the Kardashians. Nope, not happening.

Also, I never noticed that about the engagement... hmmm... my other eyebrow is raising now, while the other has gone back down...

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