Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mark Driscoll Responds to Critics

Shortly after reading super commentor Aja's defense of Seattle megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll, I read a response written by the man of the hour himself. From CNN:

... My wife, Grace, and I recently published "Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, & Life Together," which quickly became a No. 1 New York Times best-seller.

In it, we’re brutally honest about our past struggles, share the lessons we learned along the way and talk frankly about sex. Criticism has ensued.

... We knew before we wrote the book that we’d catch a lot of flak, especially on the chapters dealing with sex. We also knew the criticism would come from every direction, as some people would think we went too far and others would think we didn’t go far enough.

But we wrote it anyway. Why? Simply put, we want to help marriages — and single people aspiring to marry — and we wanted to do so in a way that is practical, biblical and applicable to the reality of today’s culture...

The book identifies three ways people tend to view sex: as gross, as a god and as a gift.
Sex as gross

Some people are very uncomfortable talking about sex, even with their spouses.
Many Christians, because of upbringing and past church experiences, view sex as gross and something that should not be talked about in public.

Unfortunately, this view is pervasive in the church. Many couples have honest questions about sex and various sexual acts but struggle to find a pastor willing to teach on these topics.

With nowhere else to turn, these couples find wrong and damaging answers in magazines, television, movies, porn and more.

The practical result is that couples divorce their sex from their spirituality, talking to their pastors about “spiritual” issues and ordering their love life around advice from “secular” sources.

Next time you’re in line at the grocery store, read the headlines on the women’s magazines that are shouting at little kids standing in line with their parents. Our culture has made the wrong answers about sex far easier to find than the church has made the right answers to find...
You can read the entire post here. I admit, he does make a lot of good points. BUT... I'm still curious as to why I, as a Christian woman, should feel compelled to get all Salt n Peppa "Let's Talk About Sex, Baby" with my pastor. I'm NOT saying it's wrong. Just that I still don't see why a sex therapist, marriage therapist or Christian psychologist might not be a better idea. Unless of course the pastor IS one, too.

I do agree that the "sex is gross" meme is still all too common in churches today. So, even Driscoll's critics should give him and Grace credit for getting the faithful to openly discuss this. And you can't blame them that thousands of people want to know if they can get kinky tonight... like SWV and Missy.

After all, they could've just held a bed-in like one pastor and his wife did...


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