Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tea Party Jesus?!?

Yeah, pretty weird stuff. From God's Politics:

The American Values Network (AVN) just released a few teasers for its Tea Party Jesus — Sermon on the Mall animated film coming out later this week.

The video will be a satirical take on the Sermon on the Mount with various quotes, signs and policy positions of the Tea Party. While I don’t think the creators of the video would argue that this same test be applied to every piece of legislation Congress considers, it is an interesting experiment.
How often do we divorce the things we say and do or the beliefs we hold from what we read in the Gospels about the person and teachings of Jesus?
Yeah, guess that's a good question, but I can't even start to ponder it because I'm stuck on "Atheist Ayn", as in Ayn Rand, which is this merry band's "patron saint".



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