Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Lin"-credible: Jeremy Lin's Lightening Rise & Playing "Godly Basketball"

As you all know by now, I'm a Jersey girl. If you didn't know this, boo. Go now and click on the "About Me" box on the right. Good. Scroll down. For my location, it says "Where The Wild Things Are, New Jersey". Yes, NEW JERSEY.

Moving on, as a lifelong Jersey girl, and specifically, one who grew up just a tunnel or bridge ride away from NYC, I'm all for our local teams- Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Devils, Rangers, Yankees, Mets. And yes, by "all for" that means I claim to support these teams although I have yet to go to an actual game physically, and really only watch pieces of games, usually when they are recapped on the local morning news the next day.

So of course I'm all for the "Lin-sanity" that's sweeping the nation. And by "all for" I mean emailing pictures of happy fans rocking their craziest Lin gear to Keiron on a semi-daily basis. Oh, and doing this post. From Think Christian:

New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin's underdog story and outspoken faith have some sportswriters dubbing him the "Taiwanese Tebow." But while Lin and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow share similar Christian convictions, Lin's rise to stardom is even more miraculous.
Just a few weeks ago, the Harvard University graduate was buried on the bench and crashing on friends' couches. Stadium security guards mistook Lin for a team trainer. After injuries to teammates, though, Lin was inserted into the starting lineup. The Knicks have promptly won six straight games - the latest of which ended on a buzzer-beating, game-winning shot by their new point guard - sending New Yorkers and Asian-Americans across the country into a frenzy of "Linsanity.”
Like any good point guard, Lin knows the art of the pass - distributing the praise to his teammates and to God.
"I'm just thankful to God for everything," Lin said in a recent post-game interview. "Like the Bible says, 'God works in all things for the good of those who love him.'"
Lin's passing reference to Romans 8:28 was caught by his longtime pastor, Stephen Chen of Redeemer Bible Fellowship, a ministry within the Chinese Church in Christ in Mountain View, Calif. Chen describes the church as full of first- and second-generation immigrants, like Lin and his parents, who are "conservative in nature" and evangelical in faith.
"Very early in his life he decided to pay heed to the call of Christ to take up the cross daily and follow after Him," Chen said.
Lin credits his parents with teaching him to play "godly basketball," which measures success by sportsmanship, not stats. That means putting teammates first and showing respect to opponents and referees.
As his star rose, first at Harvard and then with the NBA's Golden State Warriors, Lin shared his faith testimony with youth groups and churches near his California home. In a 2011 appearance at River of Life Christian Church in Santa Clara, he quoted from the works of John Piper, a prominent neo-Calvinist pastor in Minneapolis, and spoke of trusting in "God's sovereign plan."

Read the whole thing here.


Don said...

Diehard Knick fan, here, and I am elated that Jeremy Lin has become the true PG we sorely needed. I remember seeing a couple YouTube videos last year of Lin absolutely destroying the number 1 draft pick in a Summer League game. Lin was impressive, but I chalked everything up to it being simply that - Summer League.

To mines, yours, and everyone else surprise Jeremy Lin became a phenom in a matter of only 7 games. It's shocking, to say the least. I only hope New York doesn't ride the kid in the ground if and when he develops a shooting slump.

I knew his faith was Christian-based and it's a beautiful thing to witness his rise to NBA fame.

Kinda surprised to see a post about Jeremy Lin on your blog. I guess this is what makes your blog awesome.

Alisha De Freitas said...

You're surprised I put this up? Hmmm... Then I need to continue to diversify.

I didn't know he was a Christian until yesterday, but I loved his humility and underdog story, so this has been icing on the cake.

You're a die-hard Knicks fan? Say "word"? Ha!

Don said...

Hahahaha @ say word. And, as the running joke always goes, Knickerbocker fans usually end up dying hard after each and every season.

Yes, surprising, in the manner that ever since the (Brooklyn) Nets relocated the franchise, there's been the ongoing New Jersey vs New York thing.

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