Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pastor Puts Stripper Pole on Pulpit for Sermon

From WLWT:

 A local pastor said he put a stripper pole on his pulpit to help preach his message.

It may raise some eyebrows, but Pastor Mike Scruggs said he's hoping it will save some marriages.Scruggs admits he's anything but a traditional pulpit preacher."We try to make it relevant, straightforward. We don't sugarcoat anything," he said.On Friday, Scruggs' sermon series drew a packed house at the Light of Word Ministries on Colerain Avenue."We talk about sex. We talk about drugs. We talk about faith. We talk about relationships…, things that people are dealing with on a day-to-day basis," Scruggs said.

The series of sermons is called the "Battle of the Sexes," with some rather interesting visual props."On one side, (we'll have) what men want or desire: your stripper pole, your video games, your sports," Scruggs said. "The woman's side (is) orderly, neat. It's all about love, candy, teddy bears, roses and being wined and dined and cherished."

Scruggs said his church focuses on real situations and brings godly solutions."We push the envelope, that's true," he said. "Don't take it out of context. Some people say, 'He's going to hell. He's wrong.' We want to talk about it. We don't want them to guess at it, assume it's wrong. It's right. We want to talk about it."The church has also been involved in interesting outreach programs, like a free gas giveaway and a gun buyback project.Scruggs said his mother is a member of his church and she approves of his message.
Um... yeah. I dont know what to say. What do you think?


A work in progress said...

I am not married, But I think this is pretty interesting. I've come from a culture where these things are seen as taboo. Adults don't talk about sex, Parents usually do not talk about sex until they find out that their kids had a too close for comfort encounter with the opposite sex and so forth. So my point is, why not teach about the realities of sex in the church, where the biblical view of it will be shared. I know i talk about kids, but i think the church should also talk about that with the younger kids as well. Even IF their parents had the "talk" or not. Just to give a biblical prespective. ..... I hope I made SOME sense!

Mark said...

I agree, the more honest and frank talk about sex we have, the more likely people are to fulfilling sex lives.

There's actually a biological reason why parents find it hard to talk about sex with their children, and vica versa. People are developmentally conditioned to avoid thinking about family members in sexual terms. It's called the Westermarck effect, and it probably arose as an evolutionary-guided mechanism to avoid incest.

Bottom line, we shouldn't just shrug and say that sex ed should be only a parents responsibility, as it's in their DNA to not want to give it. I'm heartened to see churches stepping forward and leading the discussion.

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