Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twenty Questions: May 15, 2012

1.) So is Newsweek using the same logic that made Bill Clinton the first "Black President" to label Barack Obama the first "Gay President?

2.) First, it was no-no to using the "B" word for Jay-Z. Now he's saying "yes" to Gay marriage. What next from the Jigga-man?

3.) Are you among the group of Evangelicals who, like the President, find themselves shifting on the issue of Gay marriage?

4.) Is is just me, or is that Life of Julia video kind of creepy?

5.) Have you heard about gorgeous Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai getting trashed in the Indian press for not losing all her post-baby weight instantaneously a la Victoria Beckham? I guess famous moms worldwide can't catch a break.

6.) Stop updating your status update for a sec and ask yourself this: Do you think Facebook is a fad? Half of Americans polled said yup.

7.) How cute are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins, who just celebrated their first birthday?

8.) Did you know interest in archery has shot up with the release of "The Hunger Games"?

9.) Think spanking is protected under "Freedom of Religion"? Think again.

10.) Were you taken aback by Time Magazine's controversial breastfeeding cover (I was, but not because I have a problem with breastfeeding. I breastfed Z)?

11.) If yes, is the above okay? Check out more here.

12.) Is Ron Paul finally out the race or not?

13.) Parent alert: do you know which baby staples are cause for alarm?

14.) Should tattoos be taboo for Christians? If yes, I'm in trouble.

15.) Would you rock open-toed boots like these stars?

16.) As if Newark residents don't have enough to worry about: pedestrians in New Jersey's largest city are at a far too high risk of getting struck by a vehicle. Mayor Booker to the rescue?


17.) Was Sunday's episode of "Mad Men" an everyone hate on Megan-fest?

18.) Do you know this is Neuropathy Awareness Week? Find out more about this neurological condition that affects millions, myself included.

19.) Heard the statistic that 85% of college grads are moving back with their parents? Not so fast.

20.) Did you have a good Mother's Day? I did! Spent the day with my Loves. And my new coffee maker. ;-)


April Byrd said...

to answer Question #3 no I will never shift on that issue! It's a wrong choice to make in life.

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