Monday, May 7, 2012

Twenty Questions: May 7, 2012

 Carly Rae Jespen

1.) Have you seen the Youtube hit video "Call Me Maybe" by Canadian pop singer Carly Rae Jespen?

2.) How about the Justin Beiber/ Selena Gomez version?

3.) Do you have no clue what those first two questions were about? Do you care?

4.) Were you one of the many millions to fork over cash to see the box office record breaking "Avengers" movie this weekend?

5.) Why? This one word question goes to Dirty Jerz notorious tanning mom Patricia Krentcil, pictured below.

6.) Did you catch the spoof on Krentcil on SNL this weekend? If you were too busy watching "Avengers", here it is:

7.) How amazing was the Super Moon?

8.) Do you think Bravo execs might want to change their ultra-formulaic scripting on their reality shows after Thursday's spot-on "30 Rock: Queen of Jordan" episode?

Not so "Rude!": Liz and Virginia finally hit it off.

9.) New dad Jay-Z boasts that daughter Blue Ivy will be "the worst, spoiled little kid, ever". Is anyone surprised?

10.) Did you know about the late Adam "MCA" Yauch's charity work?

11.) Do  you know it's Teacher Appreciation Week? Check out this site to get some great gift ideas.

12.) Are you embracing the color blocking trend?

13.) Sooooo, how about those Knicks? Woohoo! Shout out to Daddy: Congrats!

14.) Did you watch the Kentucky Derby? If no or you did but had one too many Mint Julips to remember, here's the rundown.

15.) Celebrated Cinco de Mayo but still don't know what it's actually about? Check this out.

16.) Are you ready for Mother's Day on Sunday? Don't forget Mommy!

17.) Do you agree with Jeff Bethke that if Jesus were walking the Earth right now, he'd head over to Skid Row and chill with the druggies?

19.) Did you see the video of North Carolina pastor Sean Harris promoting punching your kid if he's gay? Well, he has apologized:

20.) Did you read this New York Times editorial that proclaims that Black women are fat because they want to be? Um... yeah, this Black woman doesn't want to be.


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