Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm With Karen: Why I Don't Really Care About This Election, Either

Did you hear? There's an election in November!

Okay, I'll leave the corny jokes alone. Seriously, though, I've had more than I can take of "up to the nanosecond political coverage". With the way NBC, CNN, FOX News and the others are going on and on, you'd think Election 2012 will be the very last one ever. Maybe those Mayans were on to something.

Last week I read Karen Spears Zacharias's "This presidential election: Why I don't care" and yelled a "Amen"! Okay, I didn't yell it, just thought it, but I agreed nevertheless:

"...I am convinced that who I vote into the office of president no longer matters.

The President of the United States is as much a figurehead as the Queen Mother, albeit she’s much more likeable in many ways. (Perhaps we ought to consider electing Betty White?)

Sure, the role of president isn’t determined by something as arbitrary as a blood line. Our candidates buy and leverage their way into our nation’s most powerful position.

I’m pretty sure that’s not the sort of democracy the First Congress had in mind when they proposed the First Amendment, but it’s where we are now. In their day it was considered reprehensible to even campaign for office.

This ability to blow the lid on campaign finance — to pimp out the office of presidency to the highest John — this is what we call progress?

No thank you.

I don’t care if Barack Obama — the man of big hopes and little change — wins. Or if Mitt Romney — the man of unlimited resources and limited vision — wins.

It won’t matter."

I posted it on Facebook and got a string of comments. Some agreed. others, not so much. No matter, Karen captures much of my feelings.

The thing is, I DO care. I just don't see much point in doing so. I know according to many of my fellow Christians, I should, no, I MUST! This is the election to reclaim America for God, to stop the evil spread of... evil.

I'm also aware that many of my friends, staunchly progressive, who lean left better than Michael Jackson leaned forward in "Smooth Criminal", believe this is the election, too. To show that all should be allowed to get hitched, get insurance-covered contraceptives, or simply, to finally get to the mountaintop like MLK said.

I never fit neatly into ideological boxes. I'm a middle child, like the middle ground, and fall pretty much in the middle of every political quiz I've ever taken.

Yet, when it comes to "Obama versus Romney: The Smackdown", I'm far from lukewarm. I'm ice cold.

Call me ambivalent. Or disinterested. I don't care.

Just don't call me when the debates begin this Fall. I'll pass.


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