Friday, July 20, 2012

56 Things One Man Learned at the Biggest Christian Music Festival in the World

Although I was totally expecting to read very negative captions about the cheesiness of Christians (cause, well, sometimes, we are EXTREMELY cheesy), I laughed and found myself thinking- about how we present ourselves to each other, to nonbelievers, to the world. And that's pretty freaking cool. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

1. National Pro-Life Cupcake Day is on October 9.

On National Pro-Life Cupcake day you're supposed to make as many cupcakes as possible and hand them out at church/school/everywhere in remembrance of all the kids who could never have a birthday because of abortion.

2. Every single secular product has a God product rip-off.

My personal favorite was "God Armor", a rip off of Under Armor.

24. (Some) Christians don't like Mr. Rogers.

I had no idea!

33. "Poop On Satan" is the best Christian bumper sticker ever.

53. Mosh pits at Creation are called "peace pits".


Christian teens are really into mosh pits. They get really rough.

FYI, I heart Mr. Rogers. To read them all, go here. H/T: Jesus Needs New PR


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