Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Suck at Mocking Others' Religion

Have you seen The Oatmeal cartoon that's been going around the interwebs called "How to Suck at Your Religion"? I saw it on Tuesday, and being the open minded chick I am, I started reading it... and then lost interest, and stopped. See, I don't mind poking fun at religion, Christianese, and most definitely not myself.

I mean, I just did a post on just how corny we Christians can be when we try to grasp at pop cultural relevance. For more on that, try watching this "rap" inviting folks back to church. Sigh. Moving on...

Back to that Oatmeal cartoon. Marc Barnes  of "Bad Catholic" does an excellent job of deconstruction. An excerpt:

Okay, pushing past the I-don’t-want-to-address-the-question-of-whether-an-embryo-is-a-human-life-I’ll-just-make-the-bishop-character-blame-devils-lol-isn’t-religion-stupid-and-evasive and moving towards the actual issue: Embryonic stem cell research, from a purely scientific perspective, sucks. In the past thirty years of research, there hasn’t been one single human disease cured. Not one. No success. Can’t stress this enough. Have thus resorted to sentence fragments.

Adult stem cell research on the other hand, fully supported by the Catholic Church, is awesome. It has been used — sucessfully — to cure lupus, to treat blindness and vision loss, to put severe Crohn disease in remission, to cure rheumatoid arthritis, to heal diseased hearts, to put freaking brain tumors in remission, to cure certain types of ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia (Yes Mr. Inman, leukemia (the disease mentioned in your comic –leukemia, (pronounced leukemia, a disease which an overwhelming ass-ton of studies prove that adult stem cells can treat (sorry, had to fit all the studies in somehow)))).

Now let’s do some incredibly complex thinking here: We have on the one hand a potentially unethical treatment that’s never been shown to work. On the other — an undoubtedly ethical treatment that has produced splendid results, results who are walking around whole and healthy and can testify to the fact. The question is this: Is the fact that the Catholic Church supports the successful treatment while opposing the unsuccessful one hindering the advancement of medicine? Don’t think so. Neither does the State of California, which has ended funding of embryonic stem cell research. If this is the oppressive, close-minded attitude of the Catholic Church towards science, I’d say we could use a lot more of it.

Read the whole thing here. Also, you check out more at Shameless Popery, The Messianic Drew, and The Spirited Nerd.


Don said...

Sigh. Moving on...

The video was hilarious! Lol.

Agreed, it appears the Catholic Church made an intelligent decision concerning the sentiments of your post.

Alisha De Freitas said...

That video... that video... bwah ha ha ha ha!

It's important to actually learn what various churches teach as opposed to criticizing caricatures. I remember people would always say negative things about Jehovah's Witnesses.

One day, I took the Watchtower and read and realized a lot of the criticism wasn't based on what they actually teach. More like distortions. I eventually learned things I did disagree with, but it was based on their own teachings.

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