Monday, July 23, 2012

Politics & Aurora, Colorado

It didn't take very long after Friday's chilling shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater for politics to take center stage. Yes, while both President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney both suspended their campaigns, TV news analyst, bloggers, writers and an assortment of others didn't miss a beat to pin the blame on their opponents.

Gun control activists declared the tragedy would never have occurred if suspect James E. Holmes had faced tougher laws to restrict gun ownership. Gun rights activists argued that if laws were different, perhaps others would have been strapped and could have taken him down.

Others lambasted The Occupy Movement since it was reported that Holmes had ties to the group. Others slammed some of the media for possibly linking him to the Tea Party. Still others injected race into the issue, claiming he was getting preferential treatment because he is white.

On Facebook, my news feed become cluttered with Reddit-like, Photoshop jobs like these:

Although I purposely avoided almost all TV and web stories on the story, choosing to just get the facts and skip the "analysis", by Saturday evening, there was no avoiding the political flash fire this story had become. I posted this as my status update:

Feeling disappointment that so many on the left and right are using the tragedy in Colorado to score cheap, shameful points in support of their personal politics.

Stop it. Please.

For me, as someone who falls nearly completely in the political center, neither side's arguments are compelling because it's wrapped in death, pain, tears and loss. It's vulgar, actually.

Instead of preaching to your respective choirs, follow the example of Jesus by praying for your enemies. And while you're at it, take a minute and pray for the actual victims and their families.

Within 45 minutes, the plea for prayer turned into a near-debate between two of my FB friends who are complete strangers to each other.


Why is it that so many are far more comfortable screaming at each other than taking a moment out to reflect on this tragedy, and more importantly, pray?

May those who lost their lives rest in peace, healing come completely and speedily to those wounded, and comfort and support the many grieving from the shooting.


Don said...

Interesting read. I honest to God believe that social networking sites reiterate many, if not all, of the responses you've mentioned as far as double-talk, racism, spin (politics). But incidents such as these repeatedly tell all one needs to know about society.

More than anything, I dislike all the attention shown to the man responsible. Might I add - I was surprised to hear he was still alive.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Agreed, agreed and agreed! I HATE how evil is glorified by showcasing so much of this man and history. He's not worthy of it. I worry that such coverage encourages others in search of glory to act out.

I might need to take myself off FB for a bit, actually... Again, LOL.

Up4Dsn said...

"Why is it that so many are far more comfortable screaming at each other than taking a moment out to reflect on this tragedy, and more importantly, pray?"

That statement right there Alisha is precisely how I felt about the situation. We as a society seem so quick to hop on the negative and ride it like a bull. Letting it throw us left and right and back and forth...and for what? To say that we are right and someone else is wrong? What does that solve? I'll tell you...nothing.

It saddens me that the issues get buried because media and people in general are more interested in debates and battles. It's time to put an end to the foolishness and place more importance on the issues at hand.

Great piece. I definitely plan to swing by your blog more often...would you happen to be on Twitter?

Alisha De Freitas said...

Why thank you,Up4Dsn. I appreciate your comment. And yes, I'm @alishadefreitas and you Can follow me here:!/alishadefreitas


ELove said...

Nothing regarding POLITRICKS (aka POLITICS...) should surprise ANY ADULT with Intelligence (Word)

Politicians are even Worst than Lawyers becuz AT LEAST There are ACTUALLY Some Good-n-Honest Lawyers Though (YUP...)

I Find the Young Black MALE (19 year old) story of Saving the Female & Her Child who was LEFT BY HER Coward-Azz Boyfriend just as Appalling (SMDH at That Foolishness...)


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