Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shades of Corniness

Yesterday, I posted the above picture on my Facebook page (yeah, I know, I totally need to get off that thing, it's more addictive than caffeine with me). It was a joke. At our (Christians in general) expense. I saw at Christian Nightmares, and my first thought was, "So now the Catholics are getting in on the bad church signs?" And then, "Wow, that is whack."

So I posted it and to my surprise, it actually got some "Likes". Not in a "ha ha" way, but genuine "Likes". It was even shared.

Now, of course, there is an actual point to it. Several I can think of. Like, "mommy porn" is still porn and isn't good, no matter how many weeks it stays atop the New York Times Bestseller List. Also, evil flourishes when we don't take a stand. Some things are black and white, and staying in the "grey" can lead to major sinning, and separation from God.

This is all true. But the thing is, I didn't think of those noble truths when I saw it, or almost all corny church signs that try so hard to be "hip". Also, when actually was saying "hip" ever cool? I honestly want to know. I think about my father, church elder, pastor, the reverend, circa 1998, saying "That was da bomb!"


See, that image is all kinds of wrong. Because one, no one was saying "da bomb" at that point in the decade. It was over. And two, because even if they were, my dad was trying, and failing to be pop culturally relevant. And well, he wasn't. The last time he was, Michael Jackson was still "Bad" and "Miami Vice" was a Nielsen's Ratings hit (remember the Nielsen's? No? Well, I'm 30 now, and I'm old, so forgive me).

I read this hilarious piece this morning called "7 Hilariously Pathetic Attempts at Relevance". If you get a chance, check it out. There's a video of a badly coordinated flash mob by North Point Community Church and the 80's nearly ruining the classic cool of Snoopy. I want to focus in on part of what Matthew Archbold writes:

... In this world, you can don leg warmers, repeat catchphrases, and wrap love beads around your neck. But here's the thing - any act of attempted relevance will one day become irrelevant and probably seem silly to everyone. So it's best not to worry about relevance and just seek out timeless truths. And when you find them, tell everyone you know about them....
Relevance is only a goal if you've given up on truth. And truth doesn't have an expiration date. Embrace truth, forget relevance...
Which brings me back to that church sign up there. Yes, it got "Likes" and was shared. By Christians. A friend of mine who is agnostic, wrote the first comment: "LMFAO. I can't even." See, when many non-Christians see our weak attempts at grasping on pop culture, they just can't. They don't want to enter in to dialogue or go into our places of worship. While we're congratulating ourselves on being "da bomb" five years late, they're running fast from the Christian nightmares. 

And there's no "grey" in that.


April Joy said...

A good read. I loved the ending quote and point that timeless truth is really what makes the mark. Oh fifty shades of grey lol. Why does the church try so hard to fit in, when we have such a vibrant uniqueness in that we have THE truth, that it seems just silly to try to use fads and popularity to "reach out"

Don said...

Since I've always appreciated the "thought" of preachers being not of this world, I agree, the image certainly appears odd and reflects a certain corniness on behalf of the church.

One thing I can say about your blog and apparently you as a person - if whatever topic clearly goes against your Christian core, you don't bite your tongue for nothing and no one. Lol.

But I like that though.

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