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Charm is Deceptive, but Sexy is all (Megan) Good

I don't think this outfit is part of Ellen G. White's "The Great Contoversy", but it certainly is controversial to church folks.

Over at The Old Black Church, Ann Brock questions whether a Christian should be sexy after actress Megan Good, newly married to a Seventh Day Adventist pastor, spoke out about her own burlesque-themed bachelorette party.From Sister to Sister:

Just before she got married back in June, Meagan hit the stage with Pussycat Dolls, and some church folks didn't think her actions were totally in line with her faith. Meagan told that she expected that reaction and it almost kept her from fulfilling a dream.

But after a chat with her husband DeVon Franklin, she shook off the fear and strutted her stuff. 
"It is something I wanted to do a lot, and me and DeVon talked about it," Meagan said. "I almost didn’t do it because I knew there would be backlash, but I can’t let people control my life."
It almost goes without saying that Meagan prayed about the performance, and she feels the only other opinion that mattered in the situation was her Heavenly Father's. And since He didn't put up any protests, she wasn't going to let someone else's opinion stop her.

Regardless of what anybody thinks, I have a personal relationship with God," Meagan said. "We talk and we speak and I don’t feel convicted about it and so I have to do what’s in my heart and I can’t allow people to manipulate my direction."
Unlike many other celebrity Pussycat Dolls, she kept herself pretty covered up for her burlesque performance.
"I'm not out here showing my booty. I'm not out here doing all that kind of stuff," said Meagan, who admitted to pulling a flirty move or two and wiggling her hips. "I’m getting sexy and all that but there is a way to do it. There is a classy way to do everything  and there is nothing wrong with being sexy or having sex appeal."

Meagan also took up for her fellow thespian Tia Mowry, who came under a lot criticism for a less revealing photo shoot.
"It really hurt my feelings when I saw some of the comments because Tia Mowry had [done] the cover of Vibe Vixen, and she had an itty bit of cleavage, and they like ripped her to shreds. ‘We thought she was Christian,'" Meagan recalled before coming to Tia's defense. "She is a Christian. She loves God so because she showed some cleavage she loves him less?"

As I've stated previously, I was raised Pentecostal, and to many in our church, wearing a sleeveless top was too revealing. So obviously, cleavage was a huge no-no. Personally, I never aligned with that level of modesty, but I do feel like outfits more appropriate for the bedroom should not be worn for public viewing.

What's too much? Skirts above the knee? Backless tops? What about the ladies in the acting and modeling fields? What if the role calls for it?

Weigh in!


Jesus-in-the-city said...

This is an interesting post!

I am a former model who used to dress pretty sexy before I became a Christian, but, to be honest, I didn't really see the way I dressed as sexy before now but looking back, I think it was.

I have had differing view points on this. For a while, I thought that if the way you dress fits in with common every-day society, then it is probably ok. I read that in Mere Christianity, I think. The only thing is, society these days can dress pretty trashy, I have found myself texting my girlfriends a lot regarding the new short short shorts trend and my personal opinion is EEEW!!!

But, I did used to wear them and I don't expect people without the Spirit of God to conform to my ways because the spirit in the world is not the same and only God gives me the discernment to dress or not dress a certain way, so if people don't have a personal relationship with Him, they won't have the same discernment.

I also struggle with this a lot with my husband. Sometimes I wear stuff and totally think its fine and he will have something to say about it and that is really annoying but I chalk it up to being in the world for so long and not really being a natural at determining what is sexy and what is not.

I personally think that Christian women need to remember not to cause their brother to stumble and in that case, I do think Megan and Tia have crossed the line. I mean, you can just ask any guy about that and I'm pretty sure they could see it for themselves too, if they were honest. Probably because they live amongst a set that perceives their choices as modestly sexy, they think it's ok, but in everydAy America, it's not so modest... I mean, hot pants and a corset is not modest, no matter how you cut it... Neither is a bra as a shirt or a shirt unbuttoned enough to see your bra... It sounds almost laughable written out like that, but it's true.

Yes, there's pressure these days to conform and fit in but I think your willingness to compromise is really at the heart of that pressure. Are God and love for your brother more important than being accepted by the world? I think they should be. Would I want my daughter dressing like either girl in these pictures, definitely not, and these Christian girls choosing to dress that way just sets a confusing example for young girls coming up who feel pressure to express a sexuality to the world that should, in my opinion, only be for your husband.

Anyway, I am trying not to be judgemental but that is just my opinion. Don't cause your brother to stumble and don't awaken love before it's time. If you can look at your outfit and it stands up against that test, you're probably fine. And if you would dress that way in front of your Father, you're probably fine too.

Jesus-in-the-city said...

Oh, and I also wanted to say, again, not to be judgemental, but just because it came up for me, regarding Megan's comment that she prayed before it and she didn't feel like God told her not to and didn't feel convicted, I think it's possible to say this about any sin. there are plenty of people who claim to know Christ who choose a homosexual lifestyle and would probably say the same thing. I think the real test is whether your choices stack up against the Word of God...

There, judgementalness over!

Don said...


The truth always helps people, whether or not it's as widely accepted as preferred. I can see why religioous people are uncomfortable with Good and Mowry's behavior, considering how (in a way) it somewhat represents an exclusive group of people on a whole. It actually doesn't, but THIS is apparently the group's truth and chances are they've planned to stick with it.

IDK, and as we've discussed in the past, I just believe there's another way of reaching a person and providing a greater understanding, other than openly criticizing in a way that hardly helps either Good or Mowry from becoming defensive.

Reminds me of politics, which isn't inspiring, since many already view politics and religion as the biggest forms of public corruption.

Perhaps this explains why God concerns Himself more with a person's heart?

Don said...

@Aja Forgive me for my comment, intended as humorous and not malicious as I now realized it appeared.

I meant absolutely no harm.

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