Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Christian Notes on Dating

Last night I saw links to "5 Notes on Dating for the Guys" on Facebook from two very different sources. The first, Christian Youtube/rapper/sensation Jefferson Bethke raved about it, writing, "One of the best articles I've ever read on dating for guys. Thankful for grace where I wasn't perfect at all these things but also thankful where I saw them being implemented actually leading to deeper joy!"

The second link from Stuff Christian Culture Likes was prefaced with "I dry-heaved on the second paragraph."

Uh huh. Well, it certainly wasn't one of the best articles I've read on dating. But then I'm not a dude. It also did not induce vomiting, either.

Go ahead, click on the link, read it for yourself, and tell me what you think, if you feel like it. And apologies if you wind up hurling.


Don said...

I browsed the article Bethke raved upon, plan to read thoroughly this weekend and add comments.

Also, didn't you once recommend Richard Wright's Black Boy, I know you did Native Son, but if I'm not mistaken the former as well? If so, I saw that my daughter had Black Boy on the backseat of her car and I wondered if required reading during first semester of college. She replied that she'd heard from a friend that it weas a good read. Lol.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Yes, I recommended it. Hmmm... Maybe it is required reading? College?!? Stop it! Your daughter can't be grown!

Don said...

I thought you did. Lol. Guess I'll wait until she's finished and borrow for a good weekend. Yes, Christina is 18 and this is her year of college - Jackson State University.

She leaves for two years of Navy in January, as scheduled. Then she'll return to school. She said it wasn't required reading, just that a friend recommended as a good read.

I wrote a post months ago concerning her "grown up" but never typed and posted. I will, next week though. I will probably add a pic of her on prom night and graduation day.

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