Saturday, August 4, 2012

Playing Chicken

From a cursory scan of news sites, this was the week of Ann Romney's Rafalca, Team USA's ri-donk-ulous win over Nigeria in Men's Basketball, Michael Phelps as Aquaman (again), cutie-pie golden girl Gabby Douglas and (sadly), even her hair.

Yup, it was all about the Olympics this first week of August.

Oh, yes, and Chick-Fil-A.

At this point, there really is nothing I can add to this chick-fi-asco, except for corny puns like that. In complete disclosure, I did not eat there on Wednesday. Or ever.

You see, in the swath of Dirty Jerz where I live, there wasn't even a Chick-Fil-A up until the last few years. Much like Wal-Mart and Sam's Club, this part of retail Americana just didn't bother with the NYC metro area until relatively late in the game. So if I was jonesing for fast fried chicken, I was more likely to go to KFC, Popeyes or a local chicken shack. Well, those I tended to avoid going to alone since too many of  of their patrons wanted a side of me with their order...

Things have changed, and now there are three within a 40 minute drive, but I still haven't tried any. I need less fatty, fried food in my life, politics/ Constitutional rights/ religion/ debates/ waffle fries, be darned.

I have been reading more than a recommended daily allotment of blog posts on the subject, though. Here's some excerpts:

From Rachel Held Evans:
Is this what following Jesus is supposed to be about? Eating a chicken sandwich to prove a point? 
Is this what mobilizes the people of God? 

Suddenly, my religion is alien to me—small, petty, reactive.  My faith has lost its bearings. I don’t feel like praying anymore, not even for the mom who begged me to pray for her gay son who vowed yesterday never to return to church again.

Can I blame him?  Perhaps it is better if he stays away.

I am hanging by the tips of sweaty fingers on this ledge of faith, wondering if letting go will bring freedom or death. I’ve hung on before—through the science wars, the gender wars, the Christmas wars, the culture wars—but I’m just so tired of fighting, so tired of feeling out of place.
From The Old Black Church:
Get out of here, you'll never convince me ordering a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries at Chick-fil-A equate to ‘standing up for Jesus. We are all called to define what being a Christian means in each moment of our lives, not just on special days...  I don't think for one minute this is a good  image of the  Christian faith at all.

From The Church of No People:
I have never, ever seen Christians that motivated, that mobilized…ever.  Over anything.  Who would have thought on Wednesday we’d see the biggest movement of Christians in this country in a generation?  Christians of every stripe turned out.  It bridged denominations and age groups.  No one knew what kind of Christians they were standing in line with or eating next to.  They were just united.  For just a few hours.  Just take out everything else and marvel at that for a moment.  It doesn’t happen very often.
From Relevant:

And it seems, in the midst of worldwide pain and heartache in recent weeks—the tragedy at the premier of The Dark Knight Rises, the Colorado fires, the Penn State abuse report, the Syrian massacres, unrest in the Middle East or even the drama surrounding the Olympics, that Christians would have plenty to not only talk about, but plenty in which we have an opportunity to participate with God in his redemptive plan for the reconciliation of all things.
But we want to talk about Chick-fil-A.

From Cal Thomas:

Where is all of this heading? It's heading in the way the world is heading: to destruction. All of this is forecast in Scripture if you take the time to read it, especially what Jesus and Paul said would be true in the "last days." What's wrong according to God's standard would be declared right and the reverse.

Christians will never persuade the unsaved through demonstrations of their positions. Leading people to Christ is the way to transform people. I fully support the right of free speech by Dan Cathy, the restaurant CEO, but I'll bet he would sasy that speech never changed anyone. Only the gospel does.

Like I said up top, everything that could be said has been. I got nothing. Well... okay, just one thought. Isn't it interesting that while hundreds of millions of Muslims are fasting for Ramadan- not even drinking water, tens of thousands of Christians filled up on junk food?

Just a thought.


Red Cardigan said...

Respectfully, I have to disagree with you on this.

I don't think the CFA thing was a big Christian moment so much as it was a moment where people (some of them not Christian) could try to make the statement: being in *favor* of keeping marriage between a man and a woman is NOT bigoted hateful homophobia.

It's strange that we should even have to say that, but we do. We have to say that an important human belief which has shaped cultures for centuries that goes way beyond Christianity and includes our Jewish and Muslim neighbors as well is not hate!

There is such a push, right now, to label resistance to the redefinition of marriage "hate." But it's not, and the attempt to shut down Dan Cathy's thoughtful comments about Biblical standards for marriage was what triggered the CFA thing. In reality, this whole thing was fueled by the media pretty much *expecting* ordinary Americans to agree to boycott CFA until Cathy apologized for saying that he supported the traditional family (which is all he said--he said not one specific word about gay "marriage" in his whole interview), and by mayors and political leaders declaring publicly that CFA was a hate business that wouldn't be welcomed in their cities.

I think ordinary Americans, Christians and others, woke up to the threat to free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association implied by the idea that you can only have those things if you're pro-SSM; the rest of us can expect to be shamed until we abjectly apologize for ever thinking there was something special about male-female marriage. And that's worth resisting, even if the resistance takes the form of a tasty lunch out!

Alisha De Freitas said...

Hey Erin, what did I write that you disagreed with? Was it one of the other blog's excerpts? I posted from a few different ones which showed opinions varied greatly on this. My opinion? Well, I don't have much of one on this... Which I admit, is pretty odd for me. Lol.

I disagree with the mayors' statements. They pretty much sent the message, "If you disagree with our views, you are NOT welcome here". That's not only wrong, it's scary. Let's just forget about free speech and enterprise and all...

But respectfully, no I don't really feel like buying chicken sandwiches and fries really advanced much besides sales. I don't begrudge the folks who went- I know some great people who did- but I didn't.

I'll admit, I am worried about how freedom of speech (among other freedoms) are being smashed. I'd even go out and support the RC Bishops on the issue of the HHS Mandate. On this, though? I stayed home and ate some veggies. :-)

Don said...

Good read.

Thanks for linking Cal Thomas commentary. I wholeheartedly agree with his stance on the matter and Rachel Held Evans comments spoke to my spirit as well.

I believe the incident itself defines modern society in a nutshell. There are no longer different shades of gray, no representation for the silent majority, and no civil discourse.

People align with extreme viewpoints designed to oppose each other while disregarding the 90% similarity between them because they think being heard the loudest means that they actually matter. They don't.

In the end, it's sorta forecasts the inevitable battle which awaits us all between religion, politics.

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