Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear NBC

Dear NBC,

I'm writing you this letter because I'm very concerned. Over the last few days, I've been re-watching the past three seasons of "Community". I've laughed watching Britta, Abed, Troy, Annie, Pierce, Shirley and Jeff grown into their characters.

Britta has gone from being all kinds of serious to being all kinds of seriously funny. Underneath her "Save the world!" exterior, there's some selfishness and a whole lot of silliness. And love.

Abed is... Abed. He's still weird and always will be. But he's also the only really sane one.

Troy was so one dimensional in the early episodes, Mister Ex-High School Jock. But I've watched him take on more responsibility, discover skills in AC Repair and Plumbing, and fall for Britta.

Annie is still uptight and still a nerd, but she's opened up by rooming with Abed and Troy and exploring her feelings for Jeff. Plus, she totally kicks butt in paintball.

Pierce, bigoted, sexist, homophobic racist that he is, has grown to love his junior college study group as family, even living with Troy for a year, and has shown despite his shortcomings, is a giant compared to his bizarrely segregationist, ivory-topped now-dead dad.

Shirley moved from bitter divorcee to reunited, forgiving wife and mommy of three. Although she's still fiercely devout in her born again Christianity, she's opened her heart and life to those of various or in the case of Britta, no faith.

And Jeff... so he's still pretty slick. Still would rather talk his way out of a test over actually studying. But he's grown. Not nearly so shallow or callous. Giving even, allowing Chang to live with him for a while during season two. He's opened not just his zipper, but his heart, having a meaningful, if brief relationship with a cute professor. Caring for Britta. Nurturing and encouraging Annie. Building a true friendship with Shirley that has grown far beyond silly gossip. He's played dad to Abed, big bro to Troy and watchful son to Pierce.

Over the past three years, I've come to not just look forward to watching their crazy hijinks- from send-ups of "Pulp Fiction" to "Law & Order"- but to make them part of my routine. For me, "Community" is Must See T.V.

So NBC, I'm scared you're going to ruin it. Just like you did to my "Heroes". Oh, don't think for even a minute, that I've forgotten how you butchered that show. I WILL NEVER FORGET. It is my Maine.

I also haven't forgotten how you didn't give "Law & Order: LA" a fair shot. Putting it on, then pulling it off. Then when Dick Wolf gets it right, complete with a super awesome opening theme, you CANCEL it! Look, I will NEVER forgive you for that.EVER.

So, I'm asking, pleading, demanding you not to ruin "Community". I know it's weird. I know it doesn't give you the ratings of whatever stupid "reality" show you're pumping this second could. But it will give you some cred. It will give you some of those coveted "18-35 year olds" your advertisers care so very much about. And it will continue in the footsteps of your former Thursday night glory- bringing America primetime laughs.

Thanking you in advance.


Alisha D.

P.S. #Sixseasonsandamovie 


Don said...

Loved this. I underwent a range of emotion while reading, I've never heard of this particular show but from all accounts it has touched you in a very The Wire-ish way. Lol. So that speaks very well of Community.

Don't you just hate when a network cancels a show just as the characters are developing quite nicely and the writing is superb? All in the name of ratings. Smh. Well, I guess ratings pays the bills.

You know what - I'd probably feel the same if you cancelled the blog.

Alisha De Freitas said...

If NBC had always had this high of ratings standard, then "Seinfeld" would never have met the Soup Nazi, Sam and Diane never would've been on "Cheers", and the world would never hae met Lenny Briscoe on the original"Law & Order". They all debuted and remained for a while ratings flops.

What on earth would TNT show everyday weekday afternoon and Saturday mornings?!? Lol.

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