Saturday, September 1, 2012

No Love for Mia

I watched a good chunk of last week's Republican National Convention, and outside of Clint Eastwood's rather unique performance art/speech, I wasn't surprised. Chris Christie bloviated as is his practice. Ann Romney was either charming or alienating while recalling the early days of her relationship with Mitt, depending on who opined. Paul Ryan is proving to be less than credible. And Mitt Romney himself was... well, I guess he was okay. Not much to add there.

What did surprise me is the vitriol aimed squarely at the (very) few minorities who spoke reppin' the GOP. Or maybe it's the high level of vitriol. Scrolling through various blogs, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Mia Love and Artur Davis have been trashed for preferring the elephant to the donkey. As an aside, why were *those* animals chosen to represent the parties? A huge, lumbering gray wrinkly beast or... an ass. Hmm...

Anyway, I do get some of the flak about Davis. He did jump parties and all. And after reading this interview at The American Conservative, I'm doubting he had some "come to Jesus", I've seen the light type conversion. Nah, he saw an opportunity and took it. Meh. It's all part of the game, I suppose. It seems he's not too skilled at playing it, though.

For the others, though, I'm not understanding all of the hate. I've read that they are "self-hating", "Stockholm Syndrome victims", "house slaves", "Uncle Toms", "brainwashed" and just plain "pitiful". Geez. Love has especially been targeted, from questioning her Mormon faith to alleging she is a brown pawn for her Repub chess masters.

I know some might read this post and think perhaps I'm an undercover teapartier or something. So let me get this out of the way: I'm neither screaming, "Don't tread on me!" or making signs to Occupy. I'm pretty much dead center politically. In fact, every political quiz I've taken in the past twelve years has come back with me stuck in the middle. I don't know if it has anything to do with being the middle kid between two very loud and at times wild siblings, but I've been this way for as long as I've cared about politics which has been since Clinton first ran for President.

But back to the online hate. Folks, time to realize that everyone is different. Yes, even immigrants, Latinos, Blacks and women. Yes, Love is Black AND a Mormon AND a Republican. As rare as that combo may be, it's real. I find it deeply offensive that in 2012, people still believe all Black people must vote, dress, act, think and be the same. I find it most offensive that almost all of the people doing the smearing are Black.

I have very real problems with the Republican party. I think Romney is a flip-flopper on a number of issues and I don't like Ryan's proposed plans for Medicare, to just name two. I can understand criticizing policies, but to decimate individuals' character or heritage is not just petty, it's wrong.


Don said...

Great post, well said, timely.

While I, for one, hardly view my dislike for Davis in a cultural way, many do. And so it is. Like you said, he flip-flopped - which unless divine intervention occurred, left me feeling as if there isn't a whit of sincerity within this current or previous political stance. Yes, I do believe in endorsing a candidate one election and refusing to endorse the next election...but switching parties on a whole? Lol.

Straight pawn action.

Davis reminds me of long-time Dr. King friend who accused Martin of sleeping and fighting with women the night before he was murdered in Memphis. Simply put, to sell books.

Ah yes, Mia Love, a strong and beautiful and intelligent and admired beautiful brown-skinned sista. Thinking, somneone should inform her of these facts.

Hilarious, your Mitt Romney commentary, isn't he like the most - um, what's the word I'mn searching for - doubtful person in the whole wide world.

Enjoyed the read.

ELove said...

Such Is Life Though...

BEING a Black Republican is going to bring out Character-Jabbing and I Personally don't have a PROBLEM With That... If you're BOLD ENOUGH to publicly show Your Allegiance with THE REPUBLICAN PARTY Then Be PREPARED & STRONG ENOUGH to handle the Backlash (That Comes With SUCH A DECISION...)

I AGREE with Your Premise but in REAL-LIFE Your Premise is LOST on The OBVIOUS (As FAR As Black Folks TRADITIONAL Political Thinking...)

Alisha De Freitas said...

@Don, I'm glad you liked it. I get that same feeling about Davis, too. I'm just not buying it. And I really don't think too many people, left or right are, either.

Why do you think Love isn't aware of those facts? As a girl who spent too many years being called a "White- Black" girl, I'm very curious what your answer is. From what I can gather from combox warriors, the fact that she's Mormon, lives in Utah and married to a White dude reveals that she's not "really" aware of her Blackness. I think that's a whole lot of assuming. I'm pretty sure because she's part of a religion that has a VERY ugly past concerning Black folks, lives in lily white Utah and married to said White dude, she's probably very much aware of her Blackness.

Mitt Romney... I just can't. I really truly can't.

@ELove, she's probably use to the backlash. I was thinking of your use of "REAL-LIFE" (also, your use of caps... what's up with that?), and I think you should consider that what's real to her is most likely very different from what's real to Black Folks and their traditional way of thinking, politically and otherwise. This is part of the problem, I think. That there is one *real* way to be Black, or a woman, a wife, mother or politician. Although she shares the same coloring as me, her life as an immigrant, a West Indian, an elected official, a Latter Day Saint... these things are totally different than me. Who am I to say it's not valid, it's not *real*? I don't agree with her politics, but I have no idea what's in her heart and head that has brought her to believe in them.

Thanks for the comment. :-)

ELove said...

I really can't SPEAK FOR HER becuz I'm a U.S. Citizen via Birth and My Perspective is "REAL-LIFE" through What I SEEN & EXPERIENCED While living here in the U.S. which Btw hasn't changed much SINCE My Childhood (I'm currently in My 40s Now...)

The "your use of caps... what's up with that?" Typing is HOW I Choose to Type for Blogging Purposes and Social-Media Purposes (Twitter Etc...) I've NEVER BEEN the "Go With The Crowd" or "Follow the Trend" kind of Individual

I was Reared quite differently than Most and Creativity as well as Education & Common Sense was HIGHLY STRESSED throughout My Upbringing (And I Greatly Appreciated It Too...)

And BEING "REAL" is Simply being TRUE TO YOURSELF Regardless of the Title, Position, Profession or Arrangement/Partnership... Doesn't matter what particular Guidelines, Regulations, Standards, Disciplines or Protocols that are being utilized or adhered to SO LONG AS It's Sincere, Pure and A TRUE Representation of Your INNATE BEING which hopefully is a Generous, Kind, Honest and Caring Person

Alisha De Freitas said...

"And BEING "REAL" is Simply being TRUE TO YOURSELF Regardless of the Title, Position, Profession or Arrangement/Partnership... Doesn't matter what particular Guidelines, Regulations, Standards, Disciplines or Protocols that are being utilized or adhered to SO LONG AS It's Sincere, Pure and A TRUE Representation of Your INNATE BEING which hopefully is a Generous, Kind, Honest and Caring Person"

-Amen, amen, amen! :-)

Don said...

As of yet, I hadn't taken the time to browse #MiaLove #RNC hashtags on Twitter, although I'm sure there are a good amount of harsh tweets aimed at Love and meant to belittle everything the woman represents. Twitter can be very unkind, as most Internet public forum.

I added both Love/Davis to my Likes And Dislikes post, not to attack on a personal level, but to simply find humor in the fact that each supports GOP, Romney. Alisha I despise the Republican Party, I've never known its brand of politics to be fair to the needs of blacks, African-Americans. The previous comment left on your post insinuating Love might possibly be brainwashed is also meant in the name of humor, or, a subtle manner of expressing much of what you'd already read on Twitter.

And, as an avid reader and commenter of your site I do realize how you give readers the green light to speak our minds cause, at the end of the day, spoken minds offer good discussion, debate, perspective.

So let me begin by stating that, above all, I hold respect for Mia Love and anyone else doing their thing and handling business in life. Especially when it's played out on public stage where young people aspire in similar footsteps. Love's accomplishments are noted, admired, applauded.

But, as a black man in America and part of never-ending racial struggles, I quietly wonder the center of Love, the side she doesn't reveal. I wonder what's there as a sista once you really get down to it. It's not said in a negative light, it's just that I feel less than inspired by anyone who disregards their fabric as it appears she does.

As it stands I'm not only unsure of whether Love is a black woman, I'm not convinced she's her own woman. And this might be the reason why many question the authenticity of Mia's character and feel she possesses no character, pride, cannot fathom her choice of religion when for the longest Mormons taught that black skin was a disgusting thing.

If examined under the eye of race relations in America some will say, yeah, but this is a land of diversity and diverse beings are to be expected. I agree. It's speaks of a unifying in which America sorely needs. But doesn't it appear as if Love is running from something? Doesn't it appear as If she's looking down on something? Hasn't she abandoned her role as a black role model?

That said, I heard she's done a solid job as mayor in Utah.

IDK, maybe I'm part of the ones [blacks] who are being diffcult and simply do not understand how to be in America. I mean, that is a strong possibility as well. I apologize for the much too long comment.

ELove said...

YOUR Sentiments are ECHOED Wholeheartedly from the Well-Informed and WELL-Educated to the POVERTY-Stricken and Purposely LESS FORTUNATE of OUR SOCIETY aka BLACK AMERICANS that were BORN HERE Though (REAL!!!)

And I ALSO Commend Alisha's OPEN FORUM (For REAL Dialogue and Discussion Too...) #MuchRespectDarling ;-D

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