Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On 9/11

I wanted to share this from Mark Shea.

"This September 11 I am foregoing the flags and the Empire and the police state and the jingoism and the eagles and the exploitation of politicians and I am praying for us to search and try our ways and turn again to the Lord. I will thank God for the unbelievable courage of the first responders who lay down their lives like Christ. I will pray for the victims. I will pray for forgiveness for the monsters who did it. I will pray for the troops who, in good faith and noble love of country, went to defend us from future attacks.

And I will pray for forgiveness for the Ruling Class who have cynically exploited all that shock and suffering to enrich themselves, to treat our troops with contempt, to oversee the death of thousands of innocents, and with firm and measured pace, to proceed to enslave us. They will have a heavy reckoning in the Great Assizes and will need every prayer of mercy they can get.

But above all, today I will pray in thanksgiving to Jesus Christ crucified, who can take the worst thing in the world–his own monstrously unjust murder–and turn it to mercy for a race such as ours. If he can do it with that, he can surely do it with the tragedy of September 11. May all who died that day find light, mercy, peace and never-ending joy. And may we who mourn them someday laugh with them at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, when all tears will be dried and the terrorist will be remembered only as a figure of fun like Rabadash the Ridiculous."


Don said...

Thanks for sharing, Mark Shea opened the thinking airwaves today on this memorable date in history.

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