Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I first saw this in a golden frame at my hairdresser's station three years ago. I found it creepy then. I still do.

H/T: Catholic & Enjoyin' It!


Matilda said...

what verse is the passage from?You should add more to this post...I didnt really understand it

Alisha De Freitas said...

I don't know where in the Old Testment it's supposedly from, but my beautician showed it off as proof that President Obama's election was prophetically foretold in the Bible. Nevermind that if you look closely, the verses visible don't pertain to the Preident at all.

I find it creepy the way some people view him messianically and others think he's the anti-Christ. He's a politician! Lol, calm down, folks!

Don said...

Yes, I was intrigued to read upon everything surrounding the scripture and, like yourself, I found absolutely no bearing as far as Barack Obama was concerned.

Which brings me to ask, Lol, what do you think of the biblical reference that spoke of all believing the beast to had been buried at sea?

Bin Laden?

I apologize but you ignited the conspirator in myself this morning. Lol.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Ive never heard of the "beast"/Bin Laden link! That's a new one! Oh that beast, it's been Russia, China, Communism, the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, Martin Luther, Obama... Just to name a few.

Where those wild things are... ;-)

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