Sunday, October 28, 2012

Greetings from (soon to be) Stormy New Jersey

So we've got a state of emergency, many places are shutting down starting tomorrow thanks to Hurricane Sandy, also known as Frankenstorm. While I'm not worried for our family too much, I have friends and extended family members who live by the shore and/or low lying areas. So, prayers are very welcome!


Red Cardigan said...

Praying for everyone tonight!

Alisha De Freitas said...

Thanks, Erin! Things have gotten worse, unfortunately. The city where my church is located has been put under an evacuation order. The city where I grew up (where most of my family lives) is expecting massive flooding. They're shutting down the interstate exits for us because it will be flooded out.

So now I'm getting worried! :-(

Jesus-in-the-city said...

Hi Li!

How are you guys doing?

We are fine here. NY got hit bad, but here in Brooklyn we didn't even lose power, mostly just high winds, but no subway for now. Also, some people around the corner were walking their dog and a tree fell on them! They were left out there all night and they died! That's pretty horrific actually, but here, from our little apartment's windows, it doesn't look so bad.

Hope you guys, your family& church are ok. just hearing NJ declared major disaster area. Keep us up to date!

Let us know what we can pray for.

Oh, and I lost my contacts, so if you think about it anytime, shoot me a text so I have your # again.

All love,

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