Friday, November 16, 2012

My E-Addiction

On the ride down the Turnpike to my neurologist's office last week, K, who was driving, suddenly turned to me and grabbed my iPhone out my hand. I looked up surprised and asked, "What are you doing?" He looked at me, slightly irritated and asked, "What are *you* doing?" I knew immediately what he meant. After Hurricane Sandy and then an early season Nor'Easter snowstorm, I had spent the majority of that week and the one prior cooped up in our apartment. I had so badly wanted to get out, and now that I was, I was busy reading various blogs as if I had never left.

I realize I have a problem. I find myself doing a check-in on Facebook as I'm taking my seat in a pew at church on Sundays. While reading a good article online, I immediately tweet it's link. I "watch" TV while scanning various websites or checking my email. I pin and like and "+1" with abandon. Heck, I'm composing this post on my iPad Blogger app while a documentary is playing barely watched.

I've noticed what my e-addiction is doing to me. While conversing with some friends, I've had to bite my tongue to not cut them off, speed them along or change the subject. Even still, I admit I've still done it. Silence is discomforting (despite just a few months ago, my desperate search for it). Pandora is a useful cover, as is my latest musical obsession, the soundtrack for the first season of "Treme". Worse, I feel like I'm wasting time somehow if I'm not linked to the web.

But perhaps it's not an all out *addiction* yet:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm not actually addicted.

The season of Advent is upon us, but I'm already thinking of Lent. I guess I know what I'm giving up.


Oldine said...

Hey Alisha =] I can kinda identify. These last few weeks of the semester I have been swamped in school work and my laptop broke which is why I haven't been on here in so long...but yeah I went to my school computer lab to do a research paper and spent 3 hours on youtube and facebook ect!! I was too sleepy to do my paper and that was when I told myself no FB, YT, instagram and others until my assignments are done. In just a week of implementing that I have completed 2 projects and 1 of my papers.

Don said...

I cannot seem to get enough of YouTube and since I've found a way to download videos to my iPad I tend to plug earphones, and quickly become intent on watching my fave videos...over and over again.

Either that, or I'm on YouTube browsing old NBA videos episodes of the The Cosby Show or wrestling videos or music videos or documentaries. I watch Netflix doc's more than I do TV and DVDs. Twitter is not as much of a problem as I tend to become bored.

Off Facebook since '08 and the rest of the social networking sites don't really stimulate myself. Blogs, the good ones like yourself are pretty much magazines to me.

I feel K. How many times have I been told to "get off Twitter." myself. Lol.

Btw, I need to check out the Treme soundtrack.

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